Three Les Moniques Bracelet

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    The collection celebrates the woman in all her forms.

    The bracelet represents three dancing athletes in row composing a circle, powerful and poetic symbol of connection and exchange.

    A set of people joined in a drowning like a ring of a longer chain where the individual dissolves into a common dream. 

    The jewel is very light and handmade of chiseled fine silver. 

    You can select the bracelet in natural or burnished silver from the drop down menu.

  • Additional Information

    Small size approx. 
    Internal diameter cm 6.5
    Max. thickness cm 1.6
    Medium size approx. 
    Internal diameter cm 7.0
    Maximum thickness cm 1.6

    Medium size WEAR UNDER DELTOID approx. 
    Internal diameter cm 8,2
    Maximum thickness cm 1.6
    The burnishing is a galvanic oxidation process that gives the metallic surface a gunmetal color. 
    Ruthenium is a noble metal that has this characteristic color.

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