Spermatozoon Egg Bracelet

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    Hymn to life and symbolism of rebirth.
    alchemy of nature that generates life:
    dialogue between divine and earthly, materialization of the idea in creation

    The bracelet has a serpentine line and describes a spermatozoon, that turns on itself in a circle.
    The bracelet is ergonomic with no clasp interrupting the outline.
    So it has a neat design and it is easy to wear.
    Lightness and pureness are the most appreciable features of the jewel since it is hollow.
    It is handmade of shiny and satin pure silver.


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    Wear the bracelet by placing it over the wrist, or wear it like a glove, inserting it from the hand, with the opening on the side of the little finger.
    The alternation of empty and full gives sensuality to the figure revealing a bit of skin with a surprise effect.

    SMALL SIZE approx.
    Internal diameter cm 5.5
    Opening cm 2.7

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