Small Trillon Bracelet

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    An imperative cactus symbol of resistance: Fantastically distills life from nothing

    The bracelet graphic moves around the theme of a cactus leaf silhouette .
    The jewel is inspired in its graphic by a particular cactus leaf “ fico degli ottentotti “ in triangolar section.
    The bracelet is ergonomic with no clasp interrupting the outline.
    So it has a neat design and it is easy to wear.

    Lightness and pureness are the most appreciable features of the jewel since it is hollow.

    It is handmade of shiny pure silver.

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    Wear the bracelet by placing it over the wrist, or wear it like a glove, inserting it from the hand, with the opening on the side of the little finger.
    The alternation of empty and full gives sensuality to the figure revealing a bit of skin with a surprise effect.

    available in two different sizes: 

    Small size: approx.
    Internal diameter: 5,5 cm
    Opening: 2,7 cm

    Medium size: approx.
    Internal diameter: 6,0 cm
    Opening: 3,2 cm




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