Small Dive Falling Water Necklace

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    The dive collection is a hymn to joy and freedom.

    The necklace recalls a waterfall.

    Alternating graduated beads and silver segments plus a sterling silver conical hook compose the jewel.
    Unlike the traditional jewelry, the decreasing spheres bring life, dynamism and prospective to the necklace.
    The Obsidian, called Nobile, is a light blue silicate glass.


    Wear it as follow:
    loose choker
    double turn
    front cascade
    surprise effect: a sensuous cascade along the back

    Necklace length: cm 70 approx. 

    Thanks to a special link it is possible to wear the necklace with an element clasp available in three sizes:
    cm 8.2
    cm 7.0
    cm 6.2

    You can buy both from the drop down menu.

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    Wearing options

    Wear the necklace as follow:
    loose Choker
    Wear the necklace and connect the hook to the sphere eyelet. Leave it visible or place it behind the neck.
    double turn
    Wear the necklace twice around the neck and clasp the ends together.
    front Cascade
    Surround the neck with the beads and lock one of the hooks to the desired length.
    Perfect to enhance the décolleté or a seductive low cut dress.
    surprise effect: a sensuous cascade along the back
    Wear the necklace and lock one of the hooks behind your neck. Let the larger spheres gently fall along the back.
    Perfect on a sophisticated dress that emphasizes the woman’s body movements and femininity.

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