Dive Three Textures Necklace

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    hymn to joy

    The necklace represents a whale that plays bubbling water.
    The jewel is composed by:
    decreasing spheres of blue obsidian string
    a satin finish element in fine silver
    an ivory cashmere cord with hooks

    This configuration makes the jewel versatile allowing several wearing options.

    The obsidian, called Nobile, is a light blue silicate glass.

    Blue obsidian string length: 60 cm approx.

    Silver Element length: approx.
    Small      6,2 cm
    Medium  7,0 cm
    Large      8,3 cm

    Cord Length: 70 cm approx.


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    three textures:
    blue obsidian, silver element and cord with hooks
    Connect the element to the blue obsidian string and then hook it to the cord.

    two textures:
    blue obsidian and silver element
    For a contemporary  style wear the obsidian string together with the dive element:
    as a spotlight
    front cascade
    wrap the neck with the beads string and lock one of the hooks to the desired length.
    Perfect to enhance the décolleté or a seductive low cut dress.
    In this version, it describes the movement of a drop, that sensually slides down the body silhouette.

    surprise effect
    a sensual cascade along the back
    Wear the necklace and clasp it behind the neck. Let the larger drops gently fall along the back.
    Perfect on a sophisticated backless dress, emphasizing the body movements and femininity of a woman.

    round neck
    Just clasp the two ends : the necklace captures the image of the flowing water, with hypnotic dynamism.
    Wear the necklace and clasp the two ends together.

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