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    The necklace has the same appeal of an alive thing; as a fruit, as a bunch of grapes, with its ripening berries, narrating its history: 
    beginning from the smallest  to its maximum expression.


    The strings are composed of gem-stones, graduated spheres and two silver hooks as a clasp.
    The necklace is a revisitation of a classic jewel;the method of construction, however, with spheres that decrease from one end to the other, confers dynamism, and perspective, compared to the static of traditional jewels. 

     It is possible to choose from a rich variety of stones:

    light blue Obsidian
    Cristal Rock
    Corean Jade
    Calcedonies Bueberry 
    light purple Amethyst
    Cloudy Quartz
    Green moss Agate 
    Smoky Quartz
    purple Amethyst
    black Onyx

    length: 60 cm approx.

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    round neck
    You can wear the necklace simply by hooking the two silver hooks at the side view.

    front cascade
    Surround the neck with the beads and lock one of the hooks to the desired length then connect the sphere to the other end.
    Perfect to enhance the decollete' or a seductive low cut dress.

    surprise effect 
    Surround the neck with beads and lock one of the hooks behind your neck. Let the larger stones gently fall along the back then connect the sphere to the end.
    Perfect on a sophisticated backless dress emphasizing the body movements of a woman’s femininity.

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