Light and Shadow Sickle Earrings

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    The creation immortalizes a light beam that hits a solid and its shadow.
    The light vivifies it and makes it alive.
    It is a Caravaggio jewel, theatrical. 
    When wearing it, you are the protagonist of a dreamed scene.

    The earrings are made of two different materials so they capture an image: the light on one side of the face and the shadow on the other. 

    Wear them together one black and one white to emphasize  the contrast between the silver light and the ebony shadow.

    Dimensions approx. 

    Length: cm 6.3
    Thickness: cm 0.8   

  • Additional Information


    Made of shiny fine silver and ebony carved by hand


    The earrings hide imperfections and asymmetries. For whom dislikes the classic dangling.
    They are front back earrings.

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