Les Moniques Brooch

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    The collection celebrates the woman in all her forms.

    Two female sculptures, upward and downword, symbolize the mood swings and the dualism of the woman.
    It is a re-think of the Etruscan “fibula”.

    Lightness and pureness are the most appreciable features of the jewel in natural silver.

    You can select the brooch in natural or burnished silver from the drop down menu.


    Element length: cm 7.7 
    Total length: cm 20 

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    A shiny stem in sterling silver and a female figure in chiseled fine silver compose the brooch.
    The woman in natural silver is oriented upward while the one in burnished silver is oriented downward.
    Do not wear it on thin and precious fabrics such as chiffon, organza and duffle. 
    Perfect on woolen cloth and coarse fabrics.


    The burnishing is a galvanic oxidation process that gives the metallic surface a gunmetal color. 
    Ruthenium is a noble metal that has this characteristic color.

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