Large Trillon Brooch

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    An imperative cactus symbol of resistance: Fantastically distills life from nothing

    The brooch is an imaginary magic wand to remind us that everything is possible.
    The jewel is characterized by its extraordinary dimension, regal like a scepter and stately like a spire thanks to its extraordinary proportions.
    It is composed by a stem and a cactus leaf with tree faces in pure silver placed on the top.
    The terminal with the cactus leaf has a magnet that allows you to inter-change it with elements from other collections.

    The conical stem is extremely light and resistant, handmade in shiny pure silver.
    The needle is made of steel so as not to stain the fabrics.

    Available with the stem of two different sizes

    Dimensions: ca.
    Stem 18,0 cm
    Stem 15,0 cm
    Element: 7,7 cm

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    It is not recommended to wear it on thin and precious fabrics like chiffon, organza, duffle; perfect on woolens cloths and knitted fabrics.

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