Embryo Cord Necklace

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    A sphere study, the perfect shape.
    The embryo is the protagonist of the collection, the undifferentiated cell, symbol of unexpressed potential and freedom to be.
    A voyage through the atom matter unto the cosmos: discovering the mystery.

    An element representing the embryo and an ivory silk and linen cord compose the necklace.

    Due to two silver hooks positioned on both ends, it's very easy to be able to change as many times and by yourself color and kind of material.
    Go to the drop-down menu, under heading Accessories, choose long cord, then select among the two kinds of material, linen/silk for summer, or cashmere for winter; and in end, choose the color among a large variety.

    Lightness and pureness are the most appreciable features of the jewel since it is hollow and handmade of shiny fine silver.

    Wear it as follow:
    long with a loose knot
    double turn

    Available in several dimensions

    Element dimensions:
    Length approx.
    SMALL     4,5 cm
    MEDIUM 5,0 cm
    LARGE      5,5 cm

    Cord length: 100 cm approx.

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    Follow our suggestions or just unleash your creativity
    Hook the cord to the necklace and place the sphere centrally or laterally.
    long with a loose knot
    Tie a loose knot with the cord than hook it to the sphere and place it centrally or laterally.
    For whom prefers a shorter necklace, twist the cord on itself than hook it to the sphere. Place it centrally or laterally so the silver shine will bring out your face.

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