Drop Stone Necklace

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    The collection portrays an image of nature: the moving water that finds new ways. The plasticity and the changing elected as symbols and foundation of the existence.

    An element represents the water falling and a graduated string compose the necklace.
    From drop-down menu is possible choose the kind of the stone string.

    Lightness and pureness are the most appreciable qualities of the jewel, because it is empty inside, handmade in shiny pure silver.

    The Drop element is available in differnet size

    Length: approx.
    SMALL   6,2 cm
    MEDIUM  7,0 cm
    LARGE   8,3 cm

    Semi precious stone string length: 60 cm approx.

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    The silver element clasps are specifically designed to add a personal and contemporary touch. 
    Graduated semiprecious stone beads and two silver hooks compose the string. It is a modern take of the classic semiprecious stone choker.
    Unlike the traditional jewelry, the decreasing spheres bring life, dynamism and prospective to the necklace.


    Round neck
    Wear it by hooking and positioning the element sideways.
    Choosing this way it gives a lot of emphasis to the face due to the silver ’ s light.

    Front cascade
    Wear the string necklace with one hook, lock the composition to the desired height and with the other connect the element.
    Perfect fit to enhance a sensual neckline.

    Surprise effect
    A sensuous cascade along the back.
    Wear the necklace by closing it behind the neck, letting the larger spheres fall gently along the back and at the bottom join the cactus element.
    Perfect with a refined dress where the back is the protagonist when the movement of the body can enhance a woman’s femininity.

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