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My name is Monica,

I live and work in Orvieto in Umbria, Italy, where I was born. I am inspired by

the beauty that I am surrounded by, propelling me towards art and creativity; inspired by the study

of classics towards the origin and plasticity of form. 

I have been making my jewelry for over twenty-five years, and in doing so keep the child living in

me very much alive: I enjoy playing, inventing, creating, astonishing!


Spazio Manassei Gioielli

I began my career working for a prestigious goldsmith and sculptors’ workshop for six years,

however, it has been the first-hand experience of having my own atelier that has given me the

training and experience that I have today.

It is my nature to challenge the convention of handicraft art. I create a revolutionary collection;

bringing into life a precious object, making it beautiful, refined, special, unique, and dreamlike –

detaching it from its material value.




It was during my visit to Palazzo Manassei, one of the most important palaces in Orvieto, that I had

a vision about my hone lab. Now, it is my place of creation and magic. It is here that I surrender

myself to the frenzy of creation; experimenting, shaping, melting, and forging metals. I dive in to

each piece, getting dirty, breaking my nails - but I do not mind, the only thing I care about is the

moment that my precious object is finished.




I do not fear sacrifice.

My desire to create jewelry comes from the dream to communicate the incommunicable, have my

pieces be the hymn to life, a wish for evergreen fullness, a powerful talisman of love, hope and joy. 


Mi chiamo Monica, sono nata e cresciuta in Italia, In una città etrusca antichissima, Orvieto...
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My name is Monica, I was born and raised in Italy, In an ancient Etruscan city, Orvieto ...
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Roma, Via Bocca di Leone 31:

Lunedì - Sabato / Monday - Saturday:
10,30 - 13,30
14,30 - 19,30

Domenica / Sunday:
10,30 - 13,30
14,30 - 19,30

Orvieto, Via Adolfo Cozza 11/13:

Martedì - Sabato / Tuesday - Saturday:
10,00 - 13,30
15,00 - 19,30